Fostering spiritual change, social empowerment, and economic production.

Safe Place

Currently, Youth Impact operates three ministry arms where young people are sheltered, fed, mentored, and receive guidance and education support.


Through examples of our own life, our guidance and mentoring, we trust that each young person we come in contact with will find faith in his creator.


We provide young people with the opportunity to continue their education and develop vocational skills that will make them productive and employable in the job market.


The purpose of the Impact library is to encourage reading habits among the poor youth and to inspire excellence in their schoolwork.

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Latest Newsletters

Our Newest Center

The Shalom Center is our newest and fourth house where middle and high school students come every day after school for fellowship, studying and to get extra tutorial support. Over thirty students come daily to this center and receive counseling and spiritual guidance...

15 Years of Rewarding Service

We just celebrated 15 years of reaching and mentoring the youth of our country by holding a retreat for our staff and the board and alumni representatives from each year. Alumni beneficiaries of the ministry expressed their heart-felt gratitude for the years of...

Youth Impact Library

Youth Impact Library The Impact library continues to be an important attraction to young, poor kids of the neighborhood where the library is located. Each day up to fifty young people between the ages of 8 to 24 come to read, study and get tutorial support. In...