We just celebrated 15 years of reaching and mentoring the youth of our country by holding a retreat for our staff and the board and alumni representatives from each year. Alumni beneficiaries of the ministry expressed their heart-felt gratitude for the years of spiritual, physical and emotional support they have received while at Youth Impact and how that is now sustaining and helping them lead a holistic life. Touching testimonies were heard on how their lives have been transformed as the result of the love and care they received while at Youth Impact and how they want to give back by loving others the way they were loved. During the retreat we also brain stormed about the ministry’s future and how we want to continue impacting the youth and becoming a blessing to our nation while also discussing how we would face challenges in regards to finances, government policies, housing and other pertinent issues that affect the organization. We also said farewell to Yodit Abera, our long time mentor/ director who just moved to the US to join her extended family. We did however welcome Hewotu Kassaw, as the new director of Youth Impact. Youth Impact’s family is very pleased to have Hewotu as its new director and believe God has brought him at this time to lead the ministry to a higher level. Hewotu comes to Youth Impact with a high level of academic qualifications and non-profit organizational experience. He has a deep desire to serve God and the poor of our country. He is married with two children and we are truly excited that he has joined our team to serve the destitute youth of our nation.