The Shalom Center is our newest and fourth house where middle and high school students come every day after school for fellowship, studying and to get extra tutorial support. Over thirty students come daily to this center and receive counseling and spiritual guidance from our loving staff, Ephraim and Hanna. The students that are coming to the center and taking advantage of our mentoring program are making great strides in their character and educational growth. An example of this is Meron. Meron is 17 years old. When she first showed up at the center she was clueless about her future and what she wants to do in life. Her parents were worried as she was resisting the necessity of going to school. After agreeing to regularly attend The Shalom Center, her attitude about school changed drastically and she is now finishing 11th grade and is excited about life and her future. She is making excellent grades in school and looking forward to attending the university after high school.

Ripple Effects

We continue to rejoice in seeing the ripple effects of those who have gone through our program over the past fifteen years of our ministry. Many have excelled in their education and acquired professions while some have started their own businesses, creating employment opportunities for others Ethiopians. Some have gone to serve in churches and many others are simply applying what they have learned from Youth Impact, working hard and leading productive lives, thus becoming living testimonies of the Gospels. Making Disciples

Making Disciples

Ermias Zeleke is Youth Impact’s lead mentor with a special gift of reaching street

children with the love of Jesus.  Over the last ten year he has mentored over one hundred street children with needs.  His loving and caring spirit attracts the street youth and creates willingness in their hearts to change for the better. He has the capacity to see their needs and guide them out of destitution. Once they agree to join Youth Impact Center, he lovingly takes them through a life transforming process that creates the desire in their hearts to change and become better people.  Youth Impact is highly indebted to Ermias for his dedication to bringing change to the lives of the street youth of our country.

Know that we are grateful and appreciate your prayers and encouragement. Your love and support always give us strength to keep pressing on and make a difference in the lives of the youth of our country. Once again we extend our deeply felt gratitude to you all.

Abraham Fiseha
On behalf of the Youth Impact Family